cream of the crop …

14 mega pixels 4000 paintings and like its really good work ...
14 mega pixels 4000 paintings and like its really good work ...

As I’m writing my thoughts i’m slightly touched in a bunch of ways. Today is my cousin Dashon’s Birthday he passed away in like 95. Shon was like my best friend before I had outside friends (I didn’t befriend a person out side my family til i was like 24) so You gotta know its always personal. And if you are my friend I can name you on 2 fingers and 1/2. Every other person is like how the stars exist in the universe, they are just holding up the atmosphere. No offense, but my family comes first and if you are close to me then you know what i’m saying (but if you are distant ____________ stay away) we can respect each other atleast.

R.I.P. in the After Life to my cousin Dariel Dashon Franklin (my best friend)

Now on the space tip … Man I’m STARTING TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY ART AGAIN WITH THIS high resolution 14 pixels 600 dpi super camera and I got to pictures for like 13 years worth of Art and 4000 paintings. I always think i’m kidding myself when I say I got that much work until I took like 200 of the digital snap shots and that was only touching the surface … This lady named Ce asked me why don’t I sale my Art to get rid of the bulk I said its an insult to give away something for like 1 1/4th of its absolute value meaning like 50 dollars etc … i’M LIKE NO WAY JOSE RODRIGEZ ABDULLHA … LOL i’d rather keep my Fine Art for a true lover and collector then allow random haters to take claim to my pride and joy … go get your own art from some fake wanna be creative can’t even begin to .. ok thats enough .. LOVE its so many things i want to tell you ..
peace and love


One thought on “cream of the crop …”

  1. Marcellous I think you have achip on your shoulder! What i mean by that is you are always at least when I talk to you feel as if someone is throwing darts at you meaning you are quick to jump to the defense, you are cynical, and by the way you talk not happy with something in your life, and maybe you need to loosen up a bit accept a kind person who was trying to befriend ,encourage, or what have you and quit acting like veryone in this world as your slogan says is not God like because that crap aint true, your life is what you make it and if you put negative, hopeless, cynical energy out there thats what you are going to get back in your world ARTIST, and so what if you are an ARTIST you still a man, and you have struggles just like every d– body else. Can you handle that MARCELLOUS!!!!

    And furthermore Marcellous I am not asking to get in your business your comments sound the way i describe how you are and so I am curious as to why you are so dam cynical, defensive, etc… blah blah blah

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