Hell is Chicago – America is a Coward and a Punk

South Side of Chicago is Dirty ... but Arrogant  what a jerk
South Side of Chicago is Dirty ... but Arrogant what a jerk

breaking news …. WHY
3 sought in teens’ shooting death
Chicago police said Saturday they searching for three “persons of interest” in connection with a shooting that left three teenagers dead.

The names of all three have now been released.
The murders happened in an alley near 87th Street and Exchange on the city’s Southeast Side. The victims have been identified as Johnny Edwards, 13, Kendrick Pitts, 17, and 15-year-old Raheem Washington.
Detectives at Chicago police Area Two headquarters, along with gang intelligence officers, have been led to a person of interest in the case partially because of evidence gathered by police cameras near the crime scene. Saturday evening, investigators said the latest development may help them catch those responsible for killings.


Welcome home dude, this place is exactly the same way. Its made for those that don’t really think out side the box. Its so structured and under complete control. You would think the folks down south have more of a slave mentallity. But sorry Sweet home Chicago is just as much a robot. A place filled with lies and hate. Hell is what I call it, to much game to be played and to many people. And yes most of the African American Folks in Chicago are from Down South (they act the same way). But who cares … I just bought a sticker for my car and etc …. etc …

But overall I saw my Family and now i’m ready to go, I need some warm weather, its like VERY COLD and very cold people here. I’m a little to warm for this temp. its like 5-10 degrees out side … What a great life for Africans … see you soon some warm Island and country a** city. See you soon.

Ohh i’m gonna start doing low down dirty art where African People destroy White Monkeys and America is a Punk and a Coward. Thats why i’m just plain ole me 🙂


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