Confessions of A Paranoid Lover (don’t make sense)

The El Train In Chicago
The El Train In Chicago

In a world so cold we blend into the sound of nothing. I walk away from my self and face the sun. Wondering what I have done? I’m delightful to be here. Who am I the same person I was today. The situation persist and there no final resolution, So I write. Bringing new thoughts to maintain silence. Saying the wrong things in a moment of violence. The outburst and disagreements become so toxic. I challenge you to contradict me. Your self is a double negative that don’t mean noting. She screams and runs for cover. Saying I didn’t do nothing, emotional is good. Hollering and screaming waking up the whole of good. I sit calm and listen to the voices. The crazy accusations that don’t get us nothing. Whose wrong we ask the man who asks for love. Or the devil who talks to evil wondering what she done. Is the day or night the moon brings out scavengers. Who is really a compliment? Or who is really after your soul It don’t matter or is it right. We fight for attention in the chaos of the world she remain unbalanced.

I’m lonely is what the man said to the world she is considered a “feminine”, negative introvert. Open up its one of those things yeah, i understand and I know. But what you up to, no you are the cause. You do not know how to take the blame for what you did. Man you got to say you did wrong and I will curse you out. Even though I’m spiritually grounded. I meditate every day and read about agreements plus I’m considered to being the source for all my own struggle. I over react to things and have huge emotional storms. In great detail no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. And yeah she loves her self, she’s a positive person with a masculine side thats very extroverted.

So like the simple type i’m suppose to keep you feeling stable. In an insane way making noise was expressed. People on the internet send respect, i wish it could have been me. Head beating up against the wall looking for the perfect beat. What i’ve learned you can’t talk about a person and not expect the same thing. People got feelings to. So in the end we all dream.


Like the rest of the water signs, Scorpio is considered a negative, feminine sign, which in Astrology means it is rather introvert. Brother was born left handed, the Sun in this sign are considered as Scorpio individuals. Scorpio governs the reproductive system and sexual organs. Scorpio is still widely thought to be most compatible with the water signs Pisces and Cancer.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of A Paranoid Lover (don’t make sense)”

  1. get a grip and take some responsibility, women don’t storm unless the dude is trippin. every action has a reaction. what did YOU do to her? (what did she do to her self) therein lies the answer to your boundless confusion. if its all about the other person, you depict yourself as an observer rather than an active participant/ingredient. i know what you mean i am detoxing from nonsense and BS!

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