my eye like

my eye
my eye

today i just need to be calm and write some lyrics or a poem or something

When we were together
we had it all
it was just us two
from yeas to nall
like my love there is no match
love so good
no one can match
hold so tight
what a good catch
she feels the same
and so do the others
like look me in the
eye and ask do they trust him
can they trust self
we don’t care
do they got his back
in the time of desperation
do i got there’s
at any point in time
the sun shines bright
forever i shine
nothings perfect
i hope you love life
its not like my love
my love is unmatched
my love is all that
my love have you up
wondering where he at
my love is surround sound
my love is above ground
constant oneness
be my love
ask a friend
ask a mother
don’t ask mine
she not gone sponser
but ask my grand
and ask my aunts
ask the girls in class
or her for lunch
its ole so real
its better then his
but i’m alone
no wife no kids
wheres her LOVE?


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