Ma Fat Her Sun

Me and My Father in Chicago 2/2009
Me and My Father in Chicago 2/2009

Its the same thing for me Love of my family. I wake up every day thinking about how supportive my family is to me. My father is in Chicago missing me because I had to leave him unexpectedly. I always call him and let him know 2 – 3 times every week that I’m ok and that I love him. I tell my Momma and Grand Ma Madear the same thing also.

My reason for writing this is to let those of you who don’t know, that my greatest inspiration comes from within. I love because i’m loved and my family is the most important love that I have and that I can create. We are flawed, but we are not arrogant and boogee like allot of you folk. All into material things and worldly thoughts to feel some type of comfort of beauty. I laugh at that because my security and self drive come from my own love of self and the love that has been granted to me being upright.


But on top of that some one on Facebook told me that they were looking up Henry Louis Gates and they came across my name. I thought that was special being that he is also a man that teaches un-aware folks that Family is a special institution that we as African people in the world must cultivate and support. Love your self and your kind and know who you are.

Anu Is The Sun the Sol
Anu Is The Sun the Sol

Get this book i wrote it has an example of a Bibliography and family description.


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