Bright Idea

Run and tell that no way I can’t trust ya
Weak rhyming no life looking sorry sucka
Insufficient be ya thoughts I might crush ya
Out of luck what don’t try to front on lamont
What why you do that get your whole staff ruined
you translucent we can see right through them
Over break beats and kill drum loops
Weather mpc 2000 or some type of reason tool
Don’t be standing still god be making crowds move
We don’t love you got the same thoughts as them
Yall do the same thing you be to crazy to him
In third person my style was dope that’s for certain
No time to draw back you lack the real version
With no cursing words be working overtime
To gifted on mics to live with his mind
I’m south sided a moment to welcome the ill state in
These cats be looking lost no room to put yo verse in
Table of contents down memory lane
Access be my hip hop site for small change
We know the truth eat the food at harolds chicken
Mention me on the mic you will never get fiction
So stop wishing down they praying to the devil
A rebel who got a cause and a few black shovels
We maunever dirt for what ever it’s worth
You cats lack the value we know the truth hurts
Time and time again I’ve been able to win
You are not over me so get in where you begin
And remember who got you there
And how you got your start
Before me on the tables you could not rock
So just stop it we pause you on the cross fader
Be sending respect to 33 and 3rd and rock raida

song from the album
lyrics infinito 2017


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