just because

some have to go away so the truth can live - million dollars or your soul - your mind or a new home
some have to go away so the truth can live - million dollars or your soul - your mind or a new home

you got a little job a little paper a little euro education a pair of tap dance shoes and you think you different oh and you got few white friends and you read there books subscribe to the way that THEY think have a few friends that are listed under others laugh out loud and you like snow boarding and hicks down town areas networking and shopping excessively spending all the money you make to give it right back to THEM and defend them and america how great but you think the color of your skin brown tan black african skin is gonna help you fit back in to the NEGRO COLORED AFRICAN AREA hmm NO you are now part of the sale out minstrel show you are what we call an easily influenced accept what ever your sunday morning news evangelist sales you on the home shopping net work mentally confused getting your self remade with all the money you made from your over priced education but you are never happy but maybe a few yoga exercises can help you work it out breath think slow calm purple little flowers on your mind go hold hands and sing the new negro spiritual I LOVE ME SOME PUNK ROCK looking what the hell are you with your make up on your face you HATE YOUR SELF BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE FAT AND OBEAST living in a white mans dream you love that idea of relaxing in PARIS DRINKING some stolen coffee and tea on your over priced mattress YOU HATE YOUR SELF because you are not your self you are somebody else where is the real love that you suppose to have when you see your own people down you run to the aid of any one else before your own family members HELP negro negro GROW up which way is UP down on your face eating to much food now you gotta go do a MARATHON AND WATCH THAT CHURCH PROGRAM and just maybe something will teach you that you should you talk about your own people in the worst ways you work with sale outs and enjoy it you would help a SALE OUT BEFORE YOU would help your best friend who helps you eat YOU SIT AROUND AND LOOK DOWN ON YOUR SELF SHAMEFUL


you are just like your oppressor now you steal from your own folks and give nothing back you would rather watch your people die before you actually lift a hand if you are a revolutionary why don’t you do SOMETHING LIKE WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE FOR YOUR MASTER ACTUALLY SHOW THAT EXAMPLE like helping your children to be as stupid as you are lost and dumb dumb dumb how do you fix anything and find your way anywhere only when you actually COME BACK FROM OFF THAT STUPID TELL LIE VISION PROGRAM and wake the hell up get the dirt off me look at your self you hate your self because you steal from your own and kill them off you just like them silly gang bangers down the block who ALL MOST SHOT YA for moving to slow i’m scared of my own life SOME BODIES GOING TO KILL YOU FOR BEING SO STUPID helping to destroy others to watch your own growth WE HOPE IT ALL WORKS OUT A WORLD WHERE WE ALL HATE EACH OTHER just because we are different and don’t like to live in touch with REALITY WHAT A ROYAL WASTE OF SPACE AND AIR you people with your electromagnetic neatness need to go GET A PERM AND MARRY A GERM



Just Because a poem by Marcellous Lovelace 2009


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