Harolds Chicken … extra mild Sauce


83rd and Ashland - Harold's Chicken
83rd and Ashland - Harold's Chicken

Life can be like a Harold’s Chicken Store. Kinda Expensive for what they serve (meaning to much junk for so much extra). In our common way of thinking we all share some type of opinion about things. What real what’s fake what’s true and what’s false. Its all left up to who says it and who believes what you put out there? The catch is based on what a professor of mine told me is to give it to the people as easy as possible. So we are back to the basics 4 wings and Allot of Mild Sauce please, is what you have to say to the older woman behind the counter. Please is a courtesy to get you at least one extra wing or some more fries or something! But not at an arrogant stanky acting hole in the wall Harold’s they will be funky no matter how much of Beyonce’s Perfume they wear. 

People are there own self right over hyped image of reality. They only think what they say is right and what others feel is wrong (yes wrong because if it was right you wouldn’t waste time on the clock debating that there idea is wring) or you wouldn’t force feed the rhetoric down there mouth. Reminds me of some Catfish Nuggets with Extra Mild Sauce please. Hmmmmmm Opinions are what they seem like some one else’s thought that you can or cannot give any just reason towards. 

Once upon a time we were all so simple and we loved naturally and went for what ever was said until we were Heart Broken by the stone cold truth of any matter. Then we come into a world of pure experience and reality. The Facts stare at you every day when you living out side your comfort zone and ability. 



2009 learn to trust her mind
2009 learn to trust her mind

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