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nothing is real not even reality

every thought is just a thought

every dream is a dream

every person is a mind

freedom is at hand

we are here

they are there

nothing is anytwhere

so words are just translations


searching for the right one

I don’t want to talk

I just want to chill

bad things happen when you are not where you need to be

good things happen when you have what you need

jokes are funny

laughter is bliss

fake thugs get no love

fake people are all around

no one is real

we are not in reality

we are in a fantasy

in another persons imagination

you are not shy when you are open

nothing is real

everything is fake

trust is an imaginative thought

belief is still ignorance

we are not here

we are on will lynches plantation

is the west side or south side of chicago home

is reality home

or is your mind even in reality

we search for no one

no where doing nothing

searching for fantasy

in a place where you have no wants

just needs

the need to eat

but die for junk food

because its good

it taste right

we are where we put our self

or are we in a forced will

from another’s imagination

stop asking me anything

i’m not even here

i’m over there

i’m upstairs

i’m different

do they want love or do they want fantasy

i’m thinking 

it don’t matter

do you want to be with you or in another’s



2 thoughts on “NO THING NO WHERE !!!”

  1. I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true; are you the best Artist Ever or what …
    i’m going to buy more art in a week .. thank you Marcellous

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