2002 If Only You Had This (a painting  i gave cute tasha)
2002 If Only You Had This (a painting i gave cute tasha)



Went from one thing to another in one week … it was long but short. Some good days and some kinda corny. I made 2 songs and got several paintings made. 


Always new is a good thing, I met with a few people at school today to discuss my degree and it went pretty good. I reflected with a family friend also explaining my greatest and only “MY ONLY REGRET IN LIFE: LEAVING CALIFORNIA”

“MY ONLY REGRET IN LIFE: LEAVING CALIFORNIA” – GUESS THIS IS THE NAME OF MY NEW ALBUM WITH UNAGI. YOU AND EYE is at it again. What ever happened after 2005 is now a time of like hmm interesting stories and moments i’d like to fix with the help of the situation that failed me. Looking to rebuild the past starts with the future. What are my new thoughts? Any thing any one wow another day of like stuff happens and we have to fix. Look at your life as an experience of persons, places and things that we must all learn from. Don’t do drugs don’t be a thug. Don’t lie and expect people not to lie back to you. 

2003 Stop Acting Like That (i forgot who got this .. so CSU girls tell me)
2003 Stop Acting Like That (i forgot who got this .. so CSU girls tell me)


by DeAnna (c) 
Sisters think they recognize a man and 
before they can think, 
they scramble and ambush him. 
His nectar is enticing 
His honey seems sweet 
Yet each and every single one of them will meet 
.a brick wall 
Their fall, was because they didnt stop and think 
to see if the nectar so enticing was worth sacrificing 
common sense 
Was this man right for them? 
Or just a righteous man 
Only considered righteous cause dear life was 
what he claimed to hold close 
Thats all fine and good, but he never quite understood 
the death that could be brought 
by a tongue that never sought 
to separate clear fact, from a females additions. 
Their concocted nonfiction was a man pure and true 
with no confusion, 
but he was just an illusion, 
as he only existed 
in their minds. 
Enter man-child 
called man, which is short for mannerisms mild, 
but still considered a child 
because of his state of mind. 
Man-child could dream dreams of freedom, yet his focus 
was a joke cause 
he lacked that spark that came from heart 
to make the transition from 
potential and what could be 
to kinetic and becoming reality/ 
Living a fantasy was his fancy 
and freakin with the minds 
of females who find 
and frequent with time, 
the likes of a better day 
got in the way 
of his attention span. 
And seein as how he had nothin to offer them 
he could only win by turnin brown eyes green 
as they fought for the prize, 
of the booty and his affection. 
However his ultimate rejection was their twisted fates, 
leavin disastrous tastes 
in their mouths. 
However,. no friendship was lost 
but amongst them they tossed 
ideas around as to how profound 
his game really was. 
They discovered: 
game, no he was a lame; a man-child @ best and 
the rest was overlooked because they were over-booked 
with the pre-occupation 
to find the righteous man, instead of the right man for them. 
Sistas recognize a man, but now sense the child within. 

In order for growth to take place 
3 major stages must be faced. 
Denial, confusion and then anger 
delivers her from any real danger 
of bein hurt by a minor 
tryin @ bat in a league 
for the majors. 
Instead of sistas tryin to find the right man without, 
they need to first try lovin the woman within 
cause its only when they can look in the mirror 
without fright 
that theyll discover themselves, 
and land themselves 
a man for them thats right; 
And having realized that 
its the MAN who finds that righteous Woman who has won 
then, and only then, will sistas have found the right one. 
And thats that piece. 


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