don’t do what you don’t want to do (LOVE YOU!!!)


you will see what it all means soon
you will see what it all means soon



My thoughts for today are similar to yesterday more reflections more change more awareness. Who is who and what is who, where are the real thoughts and minds of the truth. Its like these things don’t exist and no one is here. We work toward better dealings with others only to watch all these things fall apart from poor planning. 

Love your self enough not to make the mistake of making mistakes. All of us do things as a growth process to step out side of ourself and make a change. We must try new things face new experiences and challenges. But don’t end up living backwards always go forward and make you own way through. 

For all the mistakes you make do something creative and leave a mark behind. Leave something to show that you were there and how much you matter in life. Can we all say this? 


i care about more then me (the baby)
i care about more then me (the baby)




Just One 

I feel like when its all said and done

we all want to wake up and feel loved
not self love or a structured love
the sentimental union between 
me and you 
a world thats delightful
and overjoyed 
a place few dare to enter
warm like the sudan
hearts wealth we do remember 
off with what ever 
only enjoy the one
who knows where your hearts at
can understand my view
energy supplied we live as we are
running towards the future
and who we really are
very secure she knows what to need
giving him the day 
so at night we can be

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