Journey West…(lovely ladies)

2008 fam stay so strong
2008 fam stay so strong

Journey West…(lovely ladies)

What am I out here for what’s the deal?

Everything I do turns out to be ill

I thought I’d just go to Cali and max in the sun

Living it up with the hippies and the fun

Not my life style I was used to being poor

Broke without a dollar not ever having more

I leave and take a walk out side subway everyday

That’s not good at times bay area transit authority

Got off over in the mission looking around

Man I thought they was out to get him

That’s me my boy came up from San Jose

Then went to this radio station now it’s another day

Its some girls outside but they not looking at me

Inside a music store listening to the western conference

On to something new guess I got to get into something

Jack in the box looking pass at the graffiti on the wall

What’s that over there then I’m gone but got to get back

Can my mind relax with a 3 dollar box of snacks?

What I can’t afford is keeping looking for more

I saw these two fine sistas from the Bronx

But they didn’t want to play or did they

One in April the other was a cancer that’s fresh

At 24 years of age I wanted to romance them

So am I a freak for wanting two at the same time

I didn’t have no money to take them out to wine and dine

Don’t say can’t well I know I can I’m a man

Standing in the back I made my host jealous

She said her man was gone away I’m all alone Marcellous

All down hill with a beat out in the bay

From the south side of Chicago I guess I know my way
Thu 6/09/05

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