Marcellous Lovelace Picture of plain ole me
Marcellous Lovelace Picture of plain ole me

its like how we as COLORED people don’t need sun block or to be another to be our self. all you have to do is just be your self big lips and all. problems struggles greatness weakness. over come that junk and be your self EVERYDAY …

Some woman put on a pound of make up and say that its some type of traditional thing, like using the egiption perspective (no y). Some men don’t know how to embrace love and unity and blame it on their upbringing … how insane !!!!

All you have to do is just be your self with the flaws and scars that you have the money you don’t have .. the run on sentences and all .. be you

once you can wake up and look at that man or woman in the mirror every morning and smile and “SAY I LOVE MYSELF”!!!!! EVERY MORNING … ONCE YOU CAN NOT HAVE A JOB AND NO MONEY AND SAY TO YOUR SELF ITS GOING TO WORK OUT REGARDLESS you can’t say much – CAN YOU?

Born to be great is the name we should give our children BORN TO BE Supreme should be the mentality, am I right or wrong?

You are every GOOD IDEA even on the worst day you are not PERFECT because we all have flaws .. things happen and we make our way back to the basics SELF LOVE AND DEDICATION IS THE PATH WE STAY ON ..

Some of us wonder why things never work! Its because we are not in the totally, you can’t be a woman saying you are in love with a man and have one leg in and another in another mans bed … ughhhh thats nasty .. now you see why he treats you like dirt … and MEN STOP BEING THE DOG (meaning the foul ruthless individuals that chase the cat only to end up barking up the tree) WITH NOTHING!!!!!!

Learn from your mistakes and LOVE REGARDLESS because as a man i can honestly say I’ve never LOVED ANY PERSON



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