actors can be fake

2009 Untitled
2009 Untitled

Loves knowing that people don’t always like you nor do they LOVE you they just are caught up in the idea of who they would like you to Be for them

this is the word of the day from me to you all, a whole lot of everything with allot of thoughts in between.

lets see …

Ive done this b4!

Nemesis Superstar at 9:08am April 10
or what they could be if they were when they are at their best. But thats not who they are usually!

Dehejia Maat at 9:10am April 10
wow, this is so true

Marcellous Lovelace at 9:11am April 10
belief is ignorance
PERCEPTION AND INTUITION OR KEEN SENSES THAT ONE MUST USE … You can not create people unless you are attempting to Manipulate and use Psychological influence which is evil

Nemesis Superstar at 9:14am April 10
Manipulation and psychological influence, is not necessarily evil. Your momma and daddy used it all the time, the Bible promotes it, Masters of Karate, Tai Chi, etc. and more. It depends on what your motivation is behind it and what the after effects may be.

Marcellous Lovelace at 9:29am April 10
well the natural control is control of self

Nemesis Superstar at 9:36am April 10
I agree. I think everything is in the context of a thing.I agree with everything you say, but the way you wrote it seemed that it was absolute.

Not many absolutes in the world Im realizing. The self is also reflected in the selves around us. We are constantly being changed and shifted by energy whether we consciously realize it or not. By people, by nature, by God.

We’ve been shaped since infancy. And its good or bad depending on the people and the light they shined on us while teaching us.

Marcellous Lovelace at 9:45am April 10
and people are caught up in confusion .. thats why we don’t RESPECT SIMPLICITY

And folk are not self motivated nor helpful when its time to be

Nemesis Superstar at 9:53am April 10

Anti-Life Equation at 11:45am April 10

Marcellous Lovelace at 3:42pm April 10

Marcellous Lovelace at 3:46pm April 10
@ work today – is the prime example its like you can be standing there in your MIND in a positive place thinking of peaceful things and then comes along a coworker (some young afro american girls) with the funky attitude and they bump you with no excuse me they can’t look you in the eye when they need your assistance its just total disrespect .. … Read More

Anti-Life Equation at 3:52pm April 10
Ignore them. Their Doom approaches…

Marcellous Lovelace at 3:54pm April 10

Trevy A. McDonald at 5:33pm April 10
This is so true

What a great day on Facebook

TV Shows have commercials and you are not in reality if you build your life on creating a unreality to make reality out of.


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