Signed Sealed and Trusted

Art from this weekend ...
Art from this weekend ...

Once upon a time I was wondering why people trust me, but Idon’t trust them.

Its the most insane thing in the world, but I guess it shows my character. I can be trusted, I am a very loyal person.

But people will give me the rights that I can’t give them. Are you trust worthy, loyal, prompt, on time dependable and the same (consistent). Oh people trust me because i’m always on the same path every day. DEPENDABLE with myself very Consistent and on the same path daily.

And they are not .. people can do nothing the same way everyday but be a slave (hmmm) but you all want to be free.

I daily don’t follow rules but i’m trust worthy and I get things done.

Hired after 1 to no interviews .. given opportunities off of one try …

give me my 1,000,000 so Ican save these children because You are no dependable .. you may buy some clothes or something thats not needed but wanted.


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