Are you REAL or a Impersonator (like hair is natural but you are stuck in the machine called capitalism)

today at about 9:15pm (4-14-2009)
today at about 8:15pm (4-14-2009)

don’t do what you do .. do
wow great words from my cuz

it’s a refreshing moment to watch these snakes fake and never learn
to embrace reality …

whats up with these people that KNOW SO MUCH
what happened to the truly educated woman and men (who support the the untruth) who are really
what they say and do. Not just into the images of African awareness but are truly dedicated to the reality of being and doing what’s needed (and not falling off when they feel the nation did them wrong) its hard for you to be commited to something when you were not born into this (or like this) the things you do become wicked and wrong and evil like the snake …

“you can find a frozen Snake on the rode and pick it up and take it home . you fall asleep and the snake thaws and bites you while you are sleep” – A snake is still a snake – period

those of you who speak about that they will die for something but only want to live for material things … all in river oaks looking for the latest rags made by italian fags … whoa so into GOD but support so much evil .. wow … you are so great … don’t ask me nothing because i can’t be real with NOTHING – YOU ARE NOTHING SO I CAN’T BE REAL TO NOTHING

an hour later ... hmm school was not needed and i was not taught ..
an hour later ... hmm school was not needed and i was not taught ..

got those nice hair styles ohh so natural .. but your mind is so materialistic .. that so beautiful isn’t it .. get that LEXUS – CAN YOU AFFORD TO EVEN PAY ATTENTION – GOT SEVERAL ORDERS OF OPERATION BUT NO DESIGN …

How can you be so Knowledgeable but don’t do none of that stuff you learn even on the most basic NATURE ..OH with out the help of a man (you don’t need a man (not even his help?) hmm i bet).. oh but you don’t need a man in your NUCLEAR FAMILY CONCEPT … its great

most of the book you read and the attitudes you subscribe to came from a Man a good man not a foolish one that is stupid and unaware … maybe This man wouldn’t do nothing for you and always appears to be poor and with out anything when in reality could be the most important person you ever met …


With trust comes great change
The question eye ask
Can you stand my sane?
Always in sync
Eyes see what’s important
Doing what’s needed
Not just an appointment
Without shame I pro-act
And teach what fact is
Staying consistent is how I impact
Ok what more can EYE say?
In simple English grammar
You the one for I
from 2005

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