see through the illusions

2009 Love Her Yes
2009 Love Her Yes

when she finally sees the light
she stops living in the material mind
and she sees through the illusions
the death of the magnificent mile
the death of materialism
the death of wants …

living in the world where you fend
for your self and think with out
rules and restrictions
when you can just glide
through the air

its some bad people

thinks that TV (Tell lie vision) is the greatest joke that was ever made. Its like once you break the spell (or even know how to make, direct,edit film) it means nothing – you know as a child you look at the junk with innocence, now as Free Mind with no Vices (lord) all the movies, sitcoms etc… just look FAKE AND UN-MOTIVATIONAL –

its really sad the older you get as a Man on this plan it you come in contact with the most confused slave mentalities known to man. They want Make Money things .. but they never truly love themselves — look at the devils mind they never take there good to make things greater .. they leave shit exactly the same .. shame on hell … SHAME


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