Side Talk= some people reach a point where they want to make a change (but mainly change me)

2009 True and Living and God
2009 True and Living and God

Day breaks and walk back into the past and lay our self down to get up. What I seek was beyond any failure or torment. I’m not troubled but I do learn that nothing is the truth and no one is fair. We are within our self to teach the best ways. Nothing is now … respect shall pass just like time. We are all well known to no one. In the boldest fashion we are still looking to mate but not hurt a soul. She is the person someone knew and she is with who I knew. Sadness lingers in the mist.

We tell stories of lust and passion in our destiny another story to tell. Tomorrow is now crazy like the Black lady on the Real World Los Angles. Italian Herb Bread is so good. We reach for the sky and don’t touch another.

So you are saying that we are removed from each other? We travel to 5 and 10 cent store to find the prize but come up with nothing. We gain what we want and never get what we need.

I’m on a path to stay consistent even though you are done with me in the past.

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