unenthusiastic ebony brown soul

ebony brown soul
ebony brown soul

since the day has past i’m still
looking out the window
to tomorrow
but without the sorrow
with out grief
i was born a rich man
because i’m new
i’m always growing
in the eyes of the all
everything is just fine
i’m a man so i can stand
on any surface and exist
i’m totally on point
i’m passing with a 4.0
like a gpa and whats it for
we ask the same to the all
the powers of self
can address the master
and teach in motion
making the best part better
get back from the door
and teach those who know
and those who don’t know
and then those that want to know
we will extent a helping hand
and command
control my own
the up and coming
born natural self
i’m not done
i’m doing whats needed

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