Pretty Girl ok i said it

Rihanna is a pretty girl
Rihanna is a pretty girl

If you actually think about it its kinda worth the price in gold to deal with a pretty girl! She at least is pretty no matter the struggle. She still look so cute you want to hug and kiss her legs on a daily basis why cause she so pretty. As Isit and think about this picture of Rihanna and her nice legs what a pretty girl shes worth her waight in gold cause shes so pretty. A lot more better then the drama queen, the high school sweet heart, the american psycho, the daddies girl, the stuck up chick, the insane insecure type, the mad at her life type, the ugly one who look alright (get it) etc … Who cares its still your choice.

Think about it from a woman’s point of view: she wants a man who will put a ring on it, who will believe her lies, who will here her long stories about tv shows, who will love for you to lie to her, and hug her all the time.

Thank you america for wasting my time talking about a pretty girl shes alwayson my mind.

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