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Africa Nude

I guess in time your attitude about things change as you listen to the nonsense that people say. Uninfluenced I live on and here more of the rhetoric and if you listen close enough you hear nothing. Just an echo of the wind in the deepest hate a person can have.

I listen to my heart and it says go with your heart regardless of the situation good or bad I will not fail you. So I write the reasons that we are here on paper and explore the deepest thoughts of the cosmos.

What’s so beautiful about life is that its all ways new and refreshed. We can go on and fix every mistake we ever made. And look the worst things in the face and say its all good. I’m still here and this meant nothing. The same thing goes for people you can always look at them and see nothing. Because most of the time in this world just about all these realities we learn if every person on earth was similar there would be no reason for greatness – please arrange a place in your mind for being about something plus find your PLACE TO EXIST AMONGST THOSE THAT DO MORE THEN TALK = its cute to dream.

why some beg to exist and ask for approval others earn it and it comes natural
why some beg to exist and ask for approval others earn it and it comes natural

An action is on the level of Jesus: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16
John 3:16

Its only right to take everything a person can do to you personal, because everything about you is wrong. If you existed amongst your jive talk then you wouldn’t have to worry about who’s out to get you. In life you can want and never get in a world where those that want can not even have what they would have been. A mirror shows the ugly side of those that operate on racine and others through out the city. I look into the heart of evil and see death.

Vinnie Bagwell
Vinnie Bagwell

from the Artist
Vinnie Bagwell: To Marcellous Lovelace I checked out your site. It’s intriguing that you post your thoughts daily, and I like that you “paint” with language, using each word like a crayon out of the big box. Also, the image “America” caught my attention; I could build stories all around it. When I have more time, I’ll read all that you said. Good day!

Put A Ring On It

materialism: because its nothing pure in the nature of the beast mind in this world. its all about status and gain. we see it daily (people are attracted to you because of the trinklets you can offer


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