union of nothing


the fbi called me and ask me why i’m not a nice person i replied i’m not stupid. they said its all right to say the N WOrd and i said no thats for ignorant folks . i said we need growth and development they said they were bloods in a conservative funk from a small town in mississippi >> wow

put this on board
put this on board

make this last forever i exist on two turn tables we rotate to get back to the uprising to get to the point my only option to live in a world that has a bigger picture where people do things out of there own free will and power that love to lovers a friend with motivation and urges i don’t want you like that.

earn back department store shopping for the truth is not one sided but at the same time to destroy the past so we have to let things go. we will always print the page for the next edition to no logic to carry keys i will forgive.

what relationship its a science to everything acknowledge the basis down to facts administration to select nothing lauren hill songs microphone check

to the end of nothing did you say everything i see beyond

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