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Being Marcellous Lovelace
Being Marcellous Lovelace

ok welcome to the day of like long creative outlets. sometimes i like to explore one though and activity at a time so i can always have a new experience. I ‘m just being creative in a world where ARTIST PAINT PICTURES they already saw i like to just take pictures of new things … big ups to Patrick Covington for having my work at his Art Show Yesterday (it was really fun so many Models) lovely ..
PCP Model lady T
PCP Model lady T

AND the weather was good I told you it wasn’t gonna rain .. promotion is shameless and the eye is third .. thank you all for the love today .. took like allot of days off this week … hmmmmmm do i want to go or do i want to just be at home .. i will go thanks for the hook up chee chee

Keshia at Marshall Arts 2009
Keshia at Marshall Arts 2009

everything about this day was cool and peaceful, allot of love and respect I like to do stuff sometime but still i like to chill ya know .. just chill out and have a good time you know?


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