Aliens + Basic Instructions


Its so many people caught up in Fantasy they never seem to grasp reality. They tend to believe what ever a person may say. Your goal in life is to be real with your self. But who are you? Is your self a person who buys allot of shoes and clothes to see your self better off?

Stop thinking that someone else controls you. You are the soul controller of you. You make the decisions on what and when to do things. We hear your self listening. My soul is in a place where I create my intelligence from what I have experience.

The Source is in the All and you are in the hell state of what America has to offer. You are mad because you were neglected as a child from Experience. Stop and think about what you are doing soon it will be over and the Julian Calendar will not have any more dates.

Sleeping serpents: Allot of folk are opportunity seekers looking to get to the other side of the mess. The grass is greener but the snakes are in greater numbers. A person tells me what they want from me but they never thought about the nothing that they have to offer me.

Go get your massage and get your soul buttered up and get gased up over what the next man gave you. Lust is a sad state of mine.

2 thoughts on “Aliens + Basic Instructions”

  1. So true. Wow, it’s truly fascinating that me and you may take different approaches to teach, but in the end it’s the same topic, lol

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