dries fast and clear

wild art work
wild art work

to save her self from knowing the past she walks into a world of the unknown and is right back where she started. tolerance was the goal but like an addict she couldn’t resist temptation.

What part of the television show is this, may i assist you into that empty cloud of what ever you bring out of yourself. the lady asked what’s the matter, what’s new can i get all in your business? no one asks anything but what can they gain. And we all walk towards her coming towards the river flows. And drips drop from the pants bottom.

I calmly told the woman to chill out you are giving me psycho drama trying to read so deeply into every motion of life. Nothing is reality all of this is a short script. Another narrative about nothing.

no more of us killing us and who will rid the world of filth and get our minds right we still ask.

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