In The Worst = Alone no one can hear a sound

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Once you learn something about life you should fix it ASAP. Always use the new thought the learned thought. Move right along into a new way of being. Cherish the times when you get help and support because Alone no one can hear a sound.

You are important and you are worth everything you can access in life. Enter into a place where change is constant.

Belief is a principal of possibility but knowing is evidence supplied and still in a remote location on this plane we live on.

What we do and command is all within our control and power. Time is infinite and you never really run out of this power. You must concentrate and center your self to do more.

Today I fell down off the top a piece of wood on my front porch and almost really got hurt. I got ups and my phone was destroyed and I thought ABOUT HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS. So I got up felt a little tension in my knees and my elbows. I’m thinking to my self that was close and you made it through once again. My mind was the strength right there. I knew I could get up and walk and just leave the pain in the spot where I fell. My mind is not a fragile place so when the thought enters that something is going to hurt me or destroy me my defense mechanism kicks in and I double up on my inner power.

Self love and mental conditioning is the golden rule and I have learned to focus and stay centered after any tough break.

3 thoughts on “In The Worst = Alone no one can hear a sound”

  1. Marcellous Lovelace is the greatest Artist ever … esta morena esta que arde con esa pose de espalda la vesaria por todo el cuerpo empesando desde los pies asta sus lavios

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