M o n e y … everything


THEY SAID GO GET YOU SOME. I looked around found the keys and drove right into the path of glory.

My Life is not defined by anything or any body I constantly have room to grow and create.

From one point of view to another we all want to get ahead and do what we love. We must work hard to make sure nothing stops us from living towards our destiny. Self love and acknowledgment will get us there. 


If every thought you think had value out side your self we would all be wealthy out side of our spirits. We teach so we all can know and and we all can grow equally. At least that’s what we would like to happen.


So in time all things you imagine shall be.

Artist Spotlight: Infinito 2017
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Monday, 18 May 2009 00:00
I want to spotlight a very prolific, versatile artist and a good buddy of mine. His name is Marcellous Ka Sekhem Lovelace aka Infinito 2017.

The painter, rapper, and up-and-coming filmmaker is originally from Chicago, but he now resides in Memphis. Poet/rapper/producer Ennis Newman aka Fathom 9 introduced me to his music. He has recorded countless albums since the late 1990s, he has produced DVDs and is currently working on a short film as we speak. Yes, I was lucky enough to be in the film. Infinito has mainly operated under the radar becaues his style is not what many consider to be radio-friendly Infinito does not pen lyrics that are materialistic, misogynistic, or “gangsta”. He has always felt that hip-hop should be positive and uplifting, and he has a very “pro-Black” message in all of his works. Infinito is also very concerned about supporting other artists. He has directed several videos for likeminded hip-hop artists, both in Chicago and here in Memphis, such as the Iron Mic Coalition. On top of all that, the renaissance man is also publishing an online magazine, Brothers Perspective.

Here’s his latest video, “Out With the Old”:

He has several more videos here.

Here are some of the highlights of his music catalog:

2007 Natural Time

2007 Break The Spell Inside The Land Of Sevice

2007 For The Love Of Naked Black Women

2007 Belief Is Ignorance

2007 Passion

2007 Marcellous Lovelace Answers Questions Lost In Babylon Don’t Trust Them

2007 Shes In The Wind

2007 Nephew Of Frank

2007 This Is A Day Unlike Others

2007 Siafu Morning of The Conquest

2007 Dj Hen Boogie and Infinito 2017 Black Aroma

2007 Infinito 2017 and Unagi You and Eye

2007 Neter and the Power of the Most High

2007 Ka Sekhem Ether In Utopia Back To Antiquity 2017 Fat Her Land

2008 MCML Wild 100 type

2008 God Is A Brother Hell Fighters

Infinito’s paintings

To buy some of his albums, albums he produced, and other art and books go here.

Infinito’s blog

Infinito on MySpace

Brother’s Perspective magazine.

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