Art Patch Chicago …


2009 lily-led better print by marcellous


We are building slowly but surely the Patch Art Project to make Chicago more friendly to artists. This is our latest design submitted by Marcellous Lovelace.


I saw this on the net and was like wow look at the activist at work. Making a stance for street Artist to represent there work. 

In the short scheme of things i’m just a man who creates his work and wants it shown all over the world on another note i’m just me. 


I think sometimes people can take my confidence out of term what you are getting is a touch into reality and I would call it simple awareness. While you work hard and bring on armies of your nonsense, cock blocking, bull ish i’m simply observing the time you are wasting attempting to battle. 

Yes you can bet your last dollar for every negative thought you think about me I have dug several grave sites for you. Please put it to rest, working overtime will not get the job done.

from the Immortal words of KRS – 1 “WE WILL BE HERE FOREVER”


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