Rocky Road America



Never neglect the truth from the lies! Don’t ever turn down a good thing for something that don’t matter! Use your true heart and know who you are dealing with. 

Life is to short to play games we shouldn’t limit our selves to wishful thinking. If a person will turn there back on you once they are bound to do it again (keep in mind they turned there back, they don’t even trust there self) they are still in development. 

In the world we have children and adults, the difference between the two is children our in a state of GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT and Adults have experiences that they have drawn from over the years. We as adults (the few of us reading this 😉 not you) constantly shape our experience from our own loss. Children drink milk from the breast of the mother and they remain and need. Adult Children never really grow up and search for reality.

2009 a legend
2009 a legend

I think at times we as people need to start calling things the way we see them. Like when we get into things we don’t like we should not force our self to like them. When we see our “friends act as snakes” we need to tell them you are a snake and escape before they do some type of tricknology on you. 


In life we can do better before we are left looking like the player who built the franchise similar to Jordan in Chicago and to this day he don’t get his pay. Its like being a slave from “Africa” and working in America to only gain blank checks that hold no weight. Learn from your mistakes so you will not have to hear  people tell you for the rest of your life (or you tell your self that was stupid). 

Some people are not real and some people attempt to put dirt on you to make you look like they already do (bad). They can take your clean record and change your grades. Keep your 4.0 Marcellous and be great.

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