how can fantasy be reality? (you have to be real with your self)


Jackal from Ancient Kemet
Jackal from Ancient Kemet



NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES NOTHING. Today I sit with a blank canvas and not a thought in my head.

I’ve tried tirelessly to come up with something, but nothing comes up?

My greatest thoughts are travel and freedom of the mind, but thats empty. You ever saw a cup and thought about what it would be like with water in it?

Naw I’d say in my broken vernacular “what ever” is the statement. I pass my self by like shadows to reach out to the all in me. And reach this point of peace that means sitting still and remaining motionless for a period of time. Empty emotions hearts and my own false promises that are sold on a empty platter.

Another heart broken another story to tell in the world of a man who has no tomorrow but allot of today’s I tell nobody nothing. Those nobodies become somebody learning from my today. Work until you get to where you want to be. And then come back to me tomorrow and tell me if you gained your greatest reward, are you free?

Peace of mind is a place that we all can desire and cherish for what ever its worth.

If your whole life based off Material Things and Status then your life don’t mean that much – learn to live just to live and be happy with your everyday.


what do u think the reason is they do that




People are insecure and not trust worthy i think most people “personally” are full of sh*t.  So sh*t is what comes from the situation. I think with the internet, clubs, false religion, ALL THIS MUMBO JUMBO RHETORIC etc .. its to many conflicting issues so people don’t have the ability to be sincere nor real everything is a game of wits and time its like folks are waiting to see what bad things can happen!


How can you ask for reality when you are not dealing in a realistic way? Once I heard some one ask me for the truth when the truth was not what they gave (my lie was set)!

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