Hell is Hell

Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose

You have to very strong to come from Chicago. I always tell people its no place tougher. It can turn from the greatest dream to a sad story and it can turn Love into Hate.

Its really up to the person who lives there how you make the place. Its a good place but its built on foolishness. And allot of ignorant minds who want to control others. You can say Chicago is the South in the North! Something like a large pit of hell it takes a very evil person to come out of there trap and say they completely love this place. Lies!!! Its one of the most segregated places in the world.

You got constant negative activity from undermining crooks. A person can sale you a dream and you will but it, like you can get a license to teach another a speciality that holds no merit. In a subject you just learned in one day or two hmmmmm. Thats greatness. Thank you to all that think they know because got to be tough to make it through hell. I made it and i’m honored I made it to have enough sense to always share the world instead of being slow enough to sick (yes sick) through boot camp frigid weather all through spring (very smart). ok

that it .. so all these large major cities are no better check your latest crime rates DAILY TO SEE HOW BAD THE PLACE YOU LIVE IS

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