got what was done



East coast stompin in my big black boots as I travel the world. I’m here there and every where at the same time. I think i’m moving while standing still but so I write and maintain my major points.


Travel is movement to me and I enjoy the movement. All the ethnic joints as I travel I still see and seek. Whats a brother to make happen? Every thing that I can. I make it happen with or without the suppost of outside influnces!

I pass myself by a few times and say hell on the train from brooklyn to 7th ave and dude was like go over to 8th and you will see the post office .. the line was to long for me.


I’m in philly now and I sit at Penn Station like why are these people looking at me (i’m in a public place using my computer). Listening to MICRONOTS  every day is mothers day dope album song …

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