soul was lost


young mike
young mike



As people it seems you should learn to know what life actually means and stop being so in side your head you can’t think out side the box and live.


Locked under so many restrictions of your own weirdness you tend to think you are perfect in your lost activity.

Freedom is free thinking and not thinking that your only thought is the only thought.


Who made you more then who you are I guess you did it to your self! 


So I guess all the people are touched by a normality by some of us, tragic situations. Guess the Man or Woman in the mirror will have to change there ways and upgrade to another format and structure. You are touched again will be moved to make another difference and become another butterfly out of you cocoon and fly into another state. 


Change is a word often used but is rare in its usage. 


r.i.p. Michael Jackson 


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