A Man Called Him: Execution of ones Self


A Man Called Him: Execution of ones Self
A Man Called Him: Execution of ones Self



A Man Called Him (TRAILER) SUMMER 2009 by Marcellous Lovelace from Infinito 2017 on Vimeo.

A Man Called Him: Execution of ones Self
Length: 30 – 35 minutes
directed by Marcellous Lovelace with Cast Assistance

Music by Thaione Davis and Max Ptah 

The Story the Black Male Experience inside the City of Memphis. In four parts detials the story of 4 African American Males life experience in Memphis. Looking at life from Inner City Life, Depression, Being a Father and Love (and lust). Pulp Fiction meets Mystery Train (from Sun Ra’s camera). The entire story comes together throughout the movie and connects from day and night. No one goes to Jail or no one dies in this movie. 

Story 1: Inner City Life – A young man Deals with the City he lives in. Place is Memphis Tennessee the year is early 2000 gang banging is on the rise and brothers are not serving any importance in the city. The main character will search for ways to improve his self in this tough time. Man is standing on the block and a friend is constantly trying to show him his drug dealing ways will lead to death. 

Story 2: Depression – The world around the main character is totally torn apart. The mans life is all over the palce he lost his job, his wife and considers suicide as a way out. The depressed man gets assistance from his paranoid blood brother. Story ends in a question mark!

Story 3: Being a Father – A young man deals with the reality of being a new Father and is feeling the experience of dealing with the situation. He learns to handle the situation and respect fatherhood. The young man is confronted by his expecting wife about being more accountable towards his family. 

Story 4: Love (lust) – Real romantic episode of a young man caught up or sprung and his ongoing excitement of this new situation. the highs lows and some jealousy of this new infatuation. Story turns out to be comedic and end in sadness.

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