some where upstairs


1997 hold on tight to her
1997 hold on tight to her



he walked into a room called reality and got checked like mate. letting thoughts roll down my mind and enter her darkest desires. i reach the top deck to not see respect i’m gone. nothings new everyday the same old song. this year got more then ever in three months time. 


and we not done thinking using all the space in my creation to captivate frustration. working in the mean time shelby drive to utica and ashland back down the 405 freeway not san jose. we seek that plan we never been on jet blue flights from fort lauderdale to the bahamas i was almost there. fair enough to see africa again in g units small amounts to large. 


i’m washington area by the k town where sound surrounds the area we looking at nothing your carnival is weak. i’m not in suspense like a tight rope walker. like them big lips that used to be off the dan ryan arrest the governor elected. black man stand up don’t sit down they want that extra cash from you pockets get the duck its. 


my world was in rhymes where i bent time and space driving only 70 miles an hour to get an hour and 10 minutes in. i’m gonna escape and sit down and do my work go to where i wanna be. i must show you my worth.


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