= Results 1 – 10 of about 279,000 for marcellous lovelace. (0.24 seconds)

Marcellous Lovelace D.I.T.C.
Marcellous Lovelace D.I.T.C.

from Results 110 of about 279,000 for marcellous lovelace. (0.24 seconds)What the heck to this mean?

I guess it means that i’m really known or something, or allot of people know me. A lady I know said that folks in Los Angles (the land of stars) always tell people to drop a card on me / or google me. lol .




I guess thats funny I guess hmmm well Really i’m a person in a search engine. I always wanted allot of people to have my art so i’m gonna start thinking of 1,000,000 ways to share art with folks who may love it. Maybe for free you know like for a limited time only you know. Get the people to enjoy what they love you know …


So any way thats that just got back to Memphis from a long weekend in Chicago and i’m stone cold lampin like Flava Flav when he was with Public Enemy. I look around and see all these WACK FOLKS WITH COLORFUL CLOTHES AND TIGHT HATS WITH SMEDUIUM SHIRTS AND WONDER WHAT THE HELL KINDA DREAM DID I WAKE UP IN??? Its even to much greed and dishonesty amongst folks and no loyalty either with our bros and sisters etc … we gotta break the spell yall … Free Michael Vick sign him to Miami .. and R.I.P.  to Air Mc Nair (one of the greats) and much respect to the great Entertainer Michael Jackson …

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