Experience: Summary of Love part 1

“for the rest of my life I will love my self at such a high degree that it will be simple for me to give to another my love”


2005 Black People Hold On
2005 Black People Hold On




Experience: Summary of Love part 1

If you actually took time out of your life to define love you will learn that its an innocent state of mind thats innately in your mind, depending on how you are expressing the word. In this case I’m expressing the Love you show to another person, mainly the opposite sex during situations of the heart and mind. 

We as people are all primitive in some cases when it comes to being Lovers because we all deal with life as individuals. We as people can walk around the planet for ever attempting to figure out what to do with our hearts. In love with another person mostly involves you, another and your experience or knowledge. We as people only know so much at any given time in our life’s. 
I’d like to conclude in my brief summary that I’m only a man with my experience and my experience detail a bunch of short stories that have multiple endings. I’m constantly learning and living in and outside the definitions of words such as Love. Maybe one day the way I live with this expression will live with me and I will not have to second guess my knowledge through experience of what’s suppose to be sound right judgement. 



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