Halie Selassie and Empress Menen
Halie Selassie and Empress Menen
















We live in a world where we want to reach a location of emotional intimacy. Based on understanding touching, kissing and tasting your desires.

In the hear we want to live in the moment of what we long for, never over protect your self and not get what you want. A real man is able to handle all his emotions on a regular basis.

Writing to her heart he says I will please you … to say never is lying to your self. Giving of your self should be an easy action that always leaves room to turn you on … 

I miss you and I miss you missing me a whole lot, she wants to be heard and voice her opinion so I learn to let her. Because with or with out me shes still going to be loving.


I say to her in Anu Fashion i’m better than I was in past, i’m a new man with a kinder heart that knows how to be patient and live in the moment. Not looking or searching for what you are, but living with what I AM. 


Right there we stare at each other and enjoy the wind …


Looking at the motion of an ocean so vast we drift in her inner Milky Ways and create the right amount of heat to explode and procreate energy everlasting she walks back to the past to have a brand new beginning again.

says no matter what you think BELIEF IS IGNORANCE ::: SEEING IS KNOWING HEARING IS BELIEF ::: “Don’t Have Friends have Family, It helps you to deal with all the betrayals.” :::


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