Extra Prolific in the Eye of the Storm!

too muchhhhhh
too muchhhhhh

I don’t know where to start, today was good. Allot of positive communication amongst me and my peers. Just been working on multiple works of Art today. Started off on five joints got done with like 3 very interesting works I must say.

My paintings are a part of a continuation of a series I started on back at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. I got like these collages of these strong Black (African / Nubian) MALE figures in these work force called AMERICA IMAGES SURROUNDED BY IMAGES OF THE SPACE WE LIVE IN. Its sort of like a collection of garbage as a thought pattern. Imagine living inside one big advertisement. This is my idea of America and the race that every body is in attempting to get money and trinkets. Think about the way a man will sale his soul to eat or a woman will prostitute her body to feed her children. Think about the Tell Lie Vision Show Good times and how the family still persevered through thick and thin. Think about how our African people put more faith in Uncle Toms, Aunt Susan, The Good Year Blimp, John Deer, Ford and Apple Pies instead of each other.

My imagination allows me to see the social political problems of the world I live in as corruption: Black people buying Alcohol and Lottery Tickets as a form of solitude. Freedom in hell is a oxymoron. You can’t be free when you are not allowed to live at your own leisure and on your own time daily. Don’t get it twisted or blown out of proportion because I know the freedom of your soul despite the oppression operation inside the illusion we live in. The illusion that video tapes our every move and records all of activities.

Life is a beautiful thing when you can wake up everyday and feed the beast and be blinded by it at the same time. Well even with all that it was still a good day, I have a new mode for all critiques of Marcellous Lovelace keep talking because your words inspire me to keep going. Tonight was as fun as the day, I had fun hanging with my people down here in Memphis its always great to just be.

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