always depend on you

1997 Marcellous Lovelace Art
1997 Marcellous Lovelace Art

I thought today was funny allot of that stuff called life. I’m gonna call it Scorpio day .. I spoke to Kristen about the time we had on State street running around just being young back in like 04 I think. She was really cool and abstract ..

The eclipse of total day
in the night we can’t see
what we deserve
in this world
people take advantage of good
and use there ego’s
to make the best life decisions
we are all alone in this world
we just have to learn to
our greatest gifts our yet
to be witnessed
in this space
we still have
many miles to travel

Me and my brother got into a fight over some silliness and I greatly apologize to him because I’m a bigger person than the attitude I’ve had with him.


An effectation of a lifestyle, i.e., limited luxury and limited refinement aka, mannerisms, speech, dress, appearance, spending habits. Presentation as one who is above the general status quo for a particular race or ethnic group.

More commonly applied to one who has a ghetto upbringing, but because of further education and/or employment, shows no trace of that upbrining.

However, if pressured enough, the individual normally revert back to their ethnic upbringing. As she stepped out of her designer shoes and removed her designer jewlery, she was heard to remark “Don’t let this booshie fool you. I’m from the ghetto and will whoop your monkey ass!”
get this def on a mug pretentious – egotistical – extravagant – showy pompous – arrogant self-important – splurgy
by Cakesy Jun 16, 2008 share this

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