White in America 101

food is the meal
food is the meal
White in America 101

They do things that we don’t do. Never would do. Period. Hegemonic white culture, or better yet, white people. Like leaving food in the sink, for days at a time, loosely breaking apart in composition and color. To them it’s OK. Not nasty, nor unsanitary, or even rude to others that use a common space. Naw, it is none of those things… just white. Common decency lacks and whiteness prevails. They move in a world that gives them both the rhyme and reason to be anything, while remaining clueless and heartless, to everything. Clueless to the fact that nasty is not above them, but often within them. Heartless, because they can hardly comprehend any of it. In the midst of obscure and reckless portrayals of what it means to be Black in America, I wonder why the very obvious white in America antics are never questioned. White people don’t bother or even care to know Black or Brown truth and because of this I don’t care to know theirs.

P.S. That food is still in the sink.

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