Denver is said to have fresh air ...
Denver is said to have fresh air ...

Some people talk but don’t listen, the only thing they here is what they say. Its no real compromise to anyone else. I wonder from within if people even care about others.

My mind drifts into a place where you can wonder and if folks listen. The only sound I am making is a education to each person. So we can learn what the truth is. Smiles fill the room as the none attentive have so much to say but never listen.

the nephew of frank ...
the nephew of frank ...

Don’t try to compare me to you and what you select to here I hear you loud and clear. My mind picks up the stories you tell about control and freedom. Yes I know the levels of ignorance you build around two.

But the question is do you listen? My mind is here to over stand any ones view point but if we don’t agree I shall flee and not get caught up in selfish behavior. If smart people can listen they will know that the only options that exist are the ones they make “standards” yes I listen and I heard and I’m me. Folks think they are nothing with out the rules and orders of the roman greek society they are in. Well sorry shorty I’m here to tell you times are changing. Listen to love and hear what’s said and not what you have selected.

Title: My One Good Nerve

My One Good Nerve
My One Good Nerve

Author: Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis (Introduction)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Date Published: October 1998
Format: Trade Cloth

Intimate reflections on loving and living from an American treasure.[“My One Good Nerve draws me back into my sweetest past . . . a work of memory and art.”–Maya Angelou.[My One Good Nerve is an exuberant collection of writings in the down-home tradition by that incomparable icon of the human spirit, Ruby Dee. Married for 50 years to fellow actor Ossie Davis, Dee has led an astonishingly full life. But she has never forgotten where she comes from as an African American woman. Fans who have admired and drawn strength over the years from Dee’s outspoken human rights advocacy and unforgettable characters are rewarded here with many glimpses into her memories and convictions. Based on her long-running one-woman show, this book is an inspiration and a blessing.[Ruby Dee (New Rochelle, NY) grew up in Harlem and graduated from Hunter College in New York City. Inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame in 1989, she was an original cast member of Broadway classics such as A Raisin in the Sun and South Pacific and appeared in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and the landmark adaptation of Alex Haley’s Roots. She performs her one-woman show, My One Good Nerve, in theatres across the country.


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