be realistic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcellous Lovelace Art
Marcellous Lovelace Art

I would not ever Expect a person to be who I am or do what I do … I’m only me so don’t EXPECT me to be more than who I am to suit you. People actually live in a fantasy world of unreal dreams and delusions.

You can never really gain more than your fare effort from any body and a person actually determines these things because we are all real life people with emotions.

Don’t ever walk in hot coals if you can’t take the pain. Its nothing set up perfect out here … i’m the type of person who lives life based on GENERAL EQUALITY. an eye for an eye etc ..

Message to Black Women who loves their dogs: I know they r cute and all- but dont kiss em or let em lick you on you mouths. Thats nasty! I see Paris Hilton got yall into that. Stop that! Dogs have all sorts of diseases. If they lick your mouth, their saliva can me collected into your saliva into your bloodstream and into your dna. Stay away from the mouths of dogs.

Why some ask ????

The world is attacking the essence of the black woman more than any other women on this planet. The black woman is “GOD”. Thru her womb came the children of all races. So to save humanity, the black woman is officialy the savior thats depended upon.

I dont have messages for kids. The origin for the word kids means “Goats” (Baphomet). And now these kids are grown up now and started to spread strange lifestyles into the world and make it fair seeming or fashionable.

“we must separate the sheep from the goats. (matthew 25:32-33)”

from the thoughts of DJ Prophet via Facebook

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