To Rashida’s Development (an old song)

To Rashida’s Development

marcellous lovelace art
marcellous lovelace art

Man why you wanna go there
From nowhere meet your fate
Look what happens when you get satisfied wait
Aggression music that’s how we do it
Straight uncontrollable souls locked in route
In the south they try to bring back segregation
Left handed from another hemisphere
Catch me some where near south park way
Peeping some female to become one with
If you think and never do
Then nothing gets done
Lounge groove blue
But never the cat in the club
Chasing woman saying I do music
Don’t be afraid I’m ruthless like priority
A minority in the states
Sex her was the option
Close to section 8 steps to perfection
Landscaped in murals as I paint visual pain
Come into a world where there’s always constant change
Up on everything that’s why when she said
Man avoids all games living motivated staying busy everyday

What a relief I don’t live off belief
I’m trying to be cool
Why you making enemies

Complex character I thought she was feeling me
I didn’t even have to tell her that I’m an emcee
Super black man well known overseas
He has third eye crown down to root charkas
But I can’t decide what’s not so easy
Not the one to fall in love when we met on 1-21 Tuesday
All eyes on her thighs oh me oh my like whoa
Not a robe song stole
She said her father was Muslim another left hand connection
But what was messed up me going by as she got her eyebrows arched
Pause stops the violence I am a man stance
Untouched what was on Monroe
My mind s not buying dinner
Lost again can’t be a winner
Saw her this summer striping tripping
Over this guy she lied yeah he stays next door
Ohhh but not no more
But I can’t deny those breast around 111th drive king
Got up like yoa Ming miraculous
When in heart felt situations
Learn that me being in a long-term relationship
Is not a possibility because for it
I don’t have the ability
Compatibility with a water sign
On earth she is
Why when a man like Percy sledge
Another love lace mislead

What a relief I don’t live off belief
I’m trying to be cool
Why you making enemies




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