hmmm before you see
hmmm before you see

you only watch
because you want to see
in a space where
i can be
what’s the truth
who defines the definition
in an uneven world
where giving
is make believe
i’ve seen
some of the worlds
most beautiful things
in an exchange
for whats truth
in a place thats
we reach
and jump over the hurt
avoiding expectations
in saying the longest verse
using big old words
that you don’t even use
just to sound smart
when you know you a fool
can’t answer the wadu’s
and Umsindo
you say what do that mean
i say you a fool
because you
so stuck in english
yeah they wanna seem african
or black to a bunch of coons
who walk up the mountain backwards
kanga bantu hell how are you
chaldeans graven images
babylon cometh zion
Mzuri Jambo Mimi na angalia tu
Hakuna matata Asante
in silence we hear things
with very little comprehension
on the darkest day i see
and on the clearest day
you think i’m blind
even your own voices
shout out is this truth or is it lie
haadur ayi yawun
nuk nazur ila kamul
taught to over stand your blessings
no way knowledge is ever pure
letter to the truth

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