Fantasy is this World ???

with prayer and positive thoughts meet my new girl friend her name is Maliah "ONE MILLION DOLLARS" Michel or Marcellous Lovelaces wife is Rosario Dawson
I know the first thing you think when you came here and read my chaotic run on sentences and jargon poor punctuation etc … Look at this womanizing interesting person, yes thats a character. I must agree I’m a character but i’m also in reality and in reality you deal with allot of malicious fantasy. Meaning that most of the things in this world are not even real or to be taken as anything, mainly the people. The people are the fakest “things” we have to deal with. A bunch of racist cartoon characters and sale outs all wrapped up in one gumbo burrito. How nasty you might ask well just imagine what I think.

I’m just me all man all African all indigenous all what ever is before me from the sounds of Sade to the songs of Poor Righteous Teachers. To the books of Dr. John Henrick Clarke to the poetry of Saul Williams i’m me. Eating Veggie burgers or Brown Rice with Stir Fry Vegetables. To absolutely nothing ….

Nobody but me and myself alone with no thoughts just breathing and form of meditation RELIEF from the phony people that exist in this nasty stew!!!

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