“finer things” by Marcellous Lovelace

2005 Thank U Amerikkka - Marcellous Lovelace
2005 Thank U Amerikkka - Marcellous Lovelace

when your
life is based
off of a European
you will never
know who you are
you will want the shoes
the clothes
the job
the money
but never really go further
you porch monk
for crumbs
and seek
the “finer things”
not based in reality
outside of what’s actually
right before you
your own people ignore you
because you are
you think you a star
but every night you go to sleep
nobody knows who you are
an ivy league coon
a minstrel show reject
you get no respect
you subjected to foolery
and making loud noise
living your life to tap dance
attempting to fill voids
no body loves you
you want to be white
you want the jobs
the money
the life
your only brown friends
are the united nations
because in the hood
is a place you not chasing
you want the magnificent mile
and gucci and polo
trapped in ethnocentric views
of harmony and peace
look at you all Alone
in the world
still searching for fantasy’s
in another persons world
we got monroe in liberia
vacations to rome
cause you don’t have
a placement inside your own home
step and fetch it
continue to dream
but don’t forget where you come from
inside your “finer things”


just because you like something don’t mean you have a connection A CONNECTION IS PHYSICAL AND MENTAL NOT MATERIAL

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