imagine no rules no england


You do not have to reduce your self to think like or doing as others just to function in the world, who ever you are and what ever you think inside your own cultural view, grammer, perspective IS GREAT AS IS … DON’T ASSIMILATE JUST TO FIT IN OR GET THE PROMOTION! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FORMAL! DON’T DO NONE OF THE THINGS THIS SYSTEM HAS FOR YOU. DON’T CALL YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT OF THERE NAMES … NOTHING !!!!

daily yyou can ask your self what are the rules what is a slave mentality? what are ways to break this condition? how can you break out? Are you just a company inside a company controled and mass produced for Engand to benifit? Is this really a dream state you are in and you are not only watching the matrix you are active in that mindstate?

The story is infinite some of the safest ways out is to go away from this thinking all together … but people are confused they really NEED the thing that they were trained to have. Imagine no drugs,no american food, no commercial radio programs. No Pork no Beef, No Fried Foods, No Fat Nasty LOGIC TO GO WITH IT! Can you function?


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