Self Motivation like Mike (learn from the inner)

god of basketball period
god of basketball period

To me growing up it was no greater motivation than people like Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball ever. It was because of this brothers drive along with my grandmother and my cousin Derrick that I came up with this mentallity to keep working and never feel failure or set backs.

My mind thinks in one direction win win win, regardless of the situation I think go. The work is endless and priceless at the sme time with no room to stop. I can’t be redirected or can I think that something is not going to work.

My creativity is built straight off dedication and hardwork with effort. I can’t be stopped is the motto. Just keep it going and flowing none stop. Love of self and love of those that came before me who work twice as hard to get in even tougher positions than mine.

So thank you to people who work constantly to reach goals.

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