All in All

maury you are the father by Marcellous Lovelace
maury you are the father by Marcellous Lovelace

I’m not amazed at peoples actions and regressions. I’m not surprised by the multiple disguises that folks wear to hide who they are. I just take it all one day at a time and keep it moving at a steady pace like ok another earthling over attached to the grave that is where we stand.

I’ve been around for some days and I meet some folk who want to touch and walk the outer limits of the mind. But these folks are afraid of what’s going on right out side there windows. My highest self can not allow my self to distracted by what others think and feel. I must be poised and in control of myself at all times. Many would believe that my feelings run deeper than they do or less, but in reality I view my self as perfectly balanced mentally. I’m able to come and go at my leisure from any place or person without a trace of what is or was isn’t a result.

Creativity has allowed me the space to use my mind in association with accelerated thought to move through space with out the burden of life’s pressures controlling me.

So I float and exist
as who I am
when I feel the motion
to shift shapes
on any place
I still walk as I am
an do as I want
how I want when
I feel
that I need to do so
I am not a machine
I am not a robot
I am not controlled
I just do what comforts
what the body
and mind knows

I am not you them or the moment you see me in I am not a man wearing a mask to hide my self from what I feel. I walk my own path and seek out my self to be who I am. Slave name Marcellous Lovelace in touch with the reality around me not clouded by thoughts and judgments. Life is a moment of chances and opportunities which ones are mine?


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